When will I be seeing results?

Many see the first results of using erectile pills in a matter of few days – it all depends on what type of drug and for how long has he been using it. There are cases of men who saw an improved erection https://www.kamagra4europe.to/ after a few pills with lower dosage, while others had to increase the amount of dose to see the results, others just had to wait a couple of days before they could join again into the marathon of endless fun and sexual games. Everybody of a man is different and the drug will take a different time to react. Before said was meant for cases, where we can see the improved erection in a longer run. Its something different when we talk about each individual night. The compounds in the drugs have immediate effect when consumed, however if we want our erection to improve even more, we should be using the pills daily to ensure the best possible results

Are the erectile pills suitable for women too?

No, these pills are specifically made for men and they shouldn’t be used by woman since they have quite different mechanisms. But we also offer pills for women that are unable to have orgasm for a fair price, that you can buy right on our website.